Site Preparation

A well prepared site helps ensure successful reforestation and in turn greater economic returns. There are three main forms of site preparation that improve survival and maximize the health and vigor of young trees. Mechanical site preparation (disking, bedding and chopping) removes logging debris, controls competing vegetation and improves soil conditions. Herbicide applications can also be used to control competing vegetation prior to planting. Prescribed burning, the act of intentionally burning a designated area, reduces logging debris, improves access for tree planting and increases seedling survival.

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Quality seedlings are an integral part of managing your property in a sustainable, holistic manner. Choosing the right species for your property can add economic value, protect against erosion and improve wildlife habitat. Forest Resource Professionals can assist with species selection as well as all aspects of your planting project. We contact government agencies to see if your land qualifies for cost share assistance, create reforestation plans, secure planting contractors (hand or machine planters), order and deliver seedlings, and supervise planting.

Forest Resource Professionals can improve the return on your investment by using top quality genetically improved seedlings from the finest industry nurseries. Contact Forest Resource Professionals to ensure top quality tree seedlings are planted on your property.

Herbaceous Weed Control

Non-woody plants compete with young trees for vital resources and should be removed from young timber stands.. Herbaceous weed control maximizes stand values by removing competitive vegetation early, allowing trees to grow faster and increase in value. For optimum effectiveness, weeds should be treated between the ages of one and five years old.

Forest Resource Professionals handles all aspects of herbaceous weed control. We prescribe herbicide treatments specifically customized for your needs. We then contract and supervise all herbicide applications to ensure maximum efficacy.

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Release Treatments

Herbicide release treatments target woody competition in older timber stands improving access, visibility and timber growth rates. The removal of woody vegetation also improves wildlife habitat by increasing the amount of protein rich forage. With less competition, limited resources such as micronutrients, sunlight and moisture are more readily available to the crop trees, maximizing the future value of your stand. Whether your stand is early in its development or has just had a timber thinning, let Forest Resource Professionals make a custom prescription to improve your tree growth and increase the profitability of your forest.

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Pre-commercial Thinning

Pre-commercial thinning lowers stand densities and improves growing conditions for the remaining trees. Dense populations should be thinned so trees do not compete for limited resources such as nutrients, sun and moisture. Stands are typically thinned between the ages of three and twelve years of age. Excess trees are removed mechanically or manually, depending on the site conditions.

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Prescribed Burning

Prescribed burning is the process of deliberately burning the under story of a stand to control competing vegetation and reduce building fuels. Prescribed fire can also be used to improve visibility through a stand and improve wildlife habitat. Forest Resource Professionals are certified Prescribed Fire Managers, ready to handle any size prescribed burn. Contact us to see if your stand will benefit from prescribed burning.