Timber Management Plans

We prepare custom forest management plans that reflect the objectives of the owner. Aerial photography, property drawings and ground level photography are the foundation of our management plans. Comprehensive evaluations of the property’s current condition and specific recommendations for the next ten years are included. Soil classifications and productivity potentials are provided as well as general information on forest roads, boundary line maintenance, prescribed burning, and endangered species.

The adage “Failing to plan is planning to fail” is certainly true when it comes to meeting your forest goals. Contact Forest Resource Professionals via our online form or call Jeff Brown at 803.513.3340 and get your Forest Stewardship or Tree Farm Management Plan started today.

Aerial & Digital Mapping

Good quality, accurate maps are essential in order to develop an effective forest management plan. Maps are used to concisely illustrate property lines, roads, acreage, soil types, stand types, habitat and water sources.

Aerial Photography

Quality aerial photographs, taken from the most recent public photography available, form the foundation of the maps that Forest Resource Professionals create. Private pilots can be contracted for customized photographs if public photographs are outdated or unsuitable.

Digital Mapping

Precise digital maps of your property are constructed using state of the art GPS (Global Positioning Systems) technology. These digital maps are then overlaid on top of aerial photographs to clearly define boundary lines, stand lines, timber type and age, creeks, ponds, roads, and open areas.

Digital GPS data is collected using the Forge F4 device. GPS data collection includes property corner pins, road center lines, fire breaks, food plots, and/or endangered species locations. This GPS data is overlaid on aerial photographs to produce the final complete digital map.