Ready to sell some timber?

Let Forest Resource Professionals handle the sale for you. How you market your timber can be just as crucial as how you manage your timber. When the time comes, landowners need to know what they are selling and who they should be selling to. Forest Resource Professionals has the experience to make your timber sale pleasant and profitable.

Forest Resource Professionals will inventory your timber before the sale. We use several methods to measure the volume of your timber and estimate its’ value. Timber cruising is performed using systematic sampling. We gather tree data using either variable or fixed radius plots or 100% tally, then use the T-Cruise program to determine the amount and value of the timber.

We then advertise your timber only to reputable timber buyers and bid it off to ensure you receive top dollar for your timber. During harvest, we make sure your property is treated with respect and minimal damage. Payments can be made in a lump-sum payment or pay-as-cut payments depending on the needs of the client.

Call Jeff Brown at 803.513.3340 or use our online form to contact Forest Resource Professionals and let us help you make the most out of your timber.