Who We Are…

Forest Resource Professionals is a family owned business that offers the highest quality Forest Management and Wildfire Mitigation. Since 2003, we have provided superior service to our clients and have assisted them in achieving their goals. Our years of experience and commitment to excellence have earned us the reputation as the best tree service in the area.

Jeffrey Brown, Forest Resource Professionals owner, is a Registered Forester accredited with the Association  of Consulting Foresters and the Society of American Foresters. Jeff has the specialized training to assess your property and to maximize its resources. His experience allows him to survey the terrain, fuel loads (trees, landscaping, etc) and building construction of your property and offer recommendations to insure your property’s assets are managed to the fullest.


Our mission is to exceed our clients’ objectives, maximizing returns on timber assets through value added growth practices, improving recreational opportunities and improving wildlife habitat.

Our Values…

Leadership: At Forest Resource Professionals, you will receive the kind of quality and service you would expect from a leader in the industry.

Our company is always evolving as the needs of our customers change and as new opportunities are created in the market place. You can rest assured that working with Forest Resource Professionals you will enjoy the most current technology and developments within the industry.

Teamwork: We make it our responsibility to know you and your needs. We work closely with you to ensure that the solutions we provide are tailored to meet your unique position and challenges faced in the an ever changing landscape. We are committed to your success.

Customer Relations: At Forest Resource Professionals, our highest priority is ensuring we have exceed our client’s expectations.  Superior customer service is the hallmark of Forest Resource Professionals. We are proud to serve you and will work hard to keep your business.

Trees Are Our Business !

If you are a forest landowner, chances are you need the technical assistance of a forestry professional. You may be concerned about protecting your land from forest fire. You may want to purchase forest tree seedlings or rent planting equipment. You may be interested in financial assistance for forestry practices or need advice about marketing your timber. If you are a developer, city planner, or urban land owner you may want to consult with a forester about tree planting, native species, insect or disease problems, and tree care.

South Carolina Forestry Fun Facts

  • Forests cover two-thirds of the total land area in South Carolina.
  • Seventy-four percent of South Carolina forests are owned by family forest landowners.
  • Over half of the forestland in South Carolina is in hardwood forest types.
  • Timber is South Carolina’s most valued agricultural crop.
  • Forest products is the third largest manufacturing industry in South Carolina.

Forestry Plan Objectives

  • The plan can address multiple management objectives such as:
  • Growing timber
  • Protecting and creating wildlife habitat and biological diversity
  • Maintaining soil and water quality
  • Reforestation
  • Reducing risk of damage from fi re, storms, insects, and disease
  • Protecting threatened, endangered, and imperiled species
  • Promoting aesthetics and recreational opportunities

Reforestation Plan

Forest landowners should plan for reforestation before their timber is cut. This is particularly important if the plan to reforest the site calls for natural seeding from the existing timber stand. For this to be successful, the timber must be harvested at the right time of year and some preparation of the land prior to harvest may be necessary. For planting new seedlings, a properly planned harvest that removes all merchantable trees will help reduce costs of reforestation.