Tree Farm Certification

For owners of forestland who want to make a commitment to creating sustainable woodland environments, becoming a member of The American Tree Farm System (ATFS) is an excellent way to do just that. Founded in 1941 in Montesano, Washington, this non-profit organization promotes sustainable forestry on privately owned forestland in addition to sustaining healthy watersheds, wildlife, and encouraging outdoor recreation. The mission of the American Tree Farm System is “To promote the growing of renewable forest resources on private lands while protecting environmental benefits and increasing public understanding of all benefits of productive forestry.”

A Tree Farm is any privately owned forestland consisting of 10 or more forested acres, managed in a sustainable manner, whose owner has decided to join the network of 23 million acres spread over 46 states in the US. As a Tree Farm owner, you’ll receive a numbered certificate and recognizable Tree Farm signs to display on the property. In addition to being part of a community of like-minded conscientious landowners, members receive an (initially complimentary) edition of the American Tree Farmer magazine (an annual publication by the American Tree Association which contains a mix of practical advice on topics from related laws and taxes to sustainable forest techniques, compiled by fellow Tree Farmers).

Forest Resource Professionals actively manages Certified Tree Farms and takes pride in working with forestland owners to create sustainable environments. If you’re considering becoming a certified Tree Farmer, or would just like to find out more, contact Forest Resource Professionals today. For more information on the American Tree Farm System, please visit

Jeff Brown, owner of Forest Resource Professionals, was awarded the ATFS Field Leadership Award in 2005 for his outstanding leadership and involvement in the Tree Farm program. Read all about his achievements at (

Coordination of Government Cost Share Programs

Every year the government sets aside grant money to assist landowners with different programs on their forest property. Many landowners do not realize they can get government assistance with activities such as converting pastures to timberland, wildlife improvement, reforestation, prescribed burning, and the creation of wetlands.
Contact Forest Resource Professionals via our online form or by calling 803.513.3340 to see which programs you may be eligible for.

Wildlife Habitat Management

A good wildlife management program incorporates herd size, habitat, and the carrying capacity of your property. Forest Resource Professionals assess the property for target species and their required habitat. Recommendations are tailored to improve property conditions for desired species to flourish. Supplemental food plots are frequently used to enhance available native forage. Recommendations include forage selection, plot size, plot locations as well as suggested fertilization schedules and habitat improvement activities.

Whether your goal is game or non-game species, let Forest Resource Professionals help you manage the habitat for optimum enjoyment. Call Forest Resource Professionals today at 803.513.3340 or contact us via our contact form and strengthen your wildlife habitat program.

Hunting Leases

Hunting leases can be a profitable business for landowners. We offer assistance in setting up and managing hunting leases for landowners. Most landowners do not take advantage of this income opportunity. Hunting leases can benefit the landowner in multiple ways and income is often used to cover the cost of property taxes. Hunters who often assist in road maintenance are also extra eyes on your property looking out for trespassers.

Forest Resource Professionals will work with you, the landowner, on the type and conditions of the lease. Then we will market your hunting lease to individuals and/or hunting clubs, handle all the paper work, and ensure the conditions of the contract are met throughout the year. Let us do the work, while you cash in on the benefits!